Saturday, 9 February 2008

Komische Oper Berlin

One of the good things about the Internet is that it's so easy to hear from musicians all around the world who have played various compositions of mine from New Zealand to Edinburgh! Recently Gerald Knausch, bass clarinet and sax with the Komische Oper, Berlin, emailed to say that he'd just played 'Waltzing Soprillda' at a Carnival Concert there, a couple of days ago! If you take a look at my website, you'll see that it's just as rewarding to hear when a recorder group in a small prep school in South Africa plays one of my pieces, or whether it's the Ulster Orchestra in Belfast, Northern Ireland, or the CBSO in Birmingham. At the end of the day, the object is to give as much pleasure as possible! Selfishly, I often sit through concerts as a reviewer where ensembles are playing modern works which are decidely difficult for the listener and who would mostly prefer to be listening to something they really like! I don't mind, as my seat is free!

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