Thursday, 14 February 2008

Mobile Phone Insurance and Standing Orders!

Nothing musical this time, but just a word of warning to you all! I upgraded my mobile phone and took three-months free insurance at the time - why not, I thought. The only proviso being that I had to cancel this by a certain date, or otherwise I would have to start paying for this. A standing order was automatically set up by my bank, and just before the cancellation day, I checked with the shop who had upgraded the phone (I'll keep their name out of this!), and was reminded that all I need do is to cancel the SO online at my bank.

I did this immediately, but found that my bank needs THREE DAYS for this to take place! I sent an email out of politeness to the phone company confirming my actions, and, to my horror, found that the amount had still been debitted! I contacted my bank, who could do nothing about it, and then the phone insurance company, who weren't interested, (that is, when I could get hold of them!) and who said I should know how long my bank needs to cancel an SO - I'm cancelling these every, NOT! Even though it says online that it needs three days to cancel, you only discover this, once you're into cancelling!!In fact they sent me a letter to say that any money taken after a particular date could not be refunded, but this initial amount was taken on that date, so technically it could be, if they wanted to! I have been in touch with the shop, who will ultimately see me good, as I'm a longstanding customer, but they shouldn't have to! Here are the culprits:

fonecare (Bodmin, Cornwall) / NatWest

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