Saturday, 22 March 2008

Easter - not my favourite time of the year!

Easter isn't my favourite time of the year, ever since my dear mum passed away on Easter Sunday, back in 2004. The date then was April 11' so we get to remember twice every year. Why Easter can't be fixed each year like Xmas, I just don't know! And when it's as early as it is this year, not only does it muck up the kids' holidays, but it means that the weather is poor. Although it's nice and sunny here in the South West, there is supposed to be snow elsewhere - although our weather forecasts are so alarmist that you can't believe anything!

The picture above is where we ate our M&S sandwiches last Wednesday, and Meadfoot Beach, Torquay. I'm not sure what's happening this week, as I start my second bout of Jury Service on Tuesday, so can't predict the next couple of weeks -lucky my students' exams are on the Wednesday!

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