Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Schumacher he ain't!

I know that with England (rightfully, having seen some of the matches already) not taking part in the European Championships 2008, we have to find something to sing about!

I'm not at all into F1 racing, and still need to be convinced that racing driving, like darts, is actually a sport in the sense that you've got to do something extremely energetic, but Lewis Hamilton's little mishap at the Canadian Grand Prix did strike me as amusing! I've no idea about what his 'penalty' involves, and frankly don't care, but I think he ought to have to retake his driving test. That's probably what would happen to the rest of us if we avoided a red light and hit another driver up the backside!

Anyway, I hope the other guy claims on his insurance! British Lewis might be - Schumacher he certainly ain't!

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