Saturday, 27 September 2008

It's never too late to go Chinese!

Whilst I've often tried some of the Chinese meals which come ready produced from Marks & Spencer, and had the occasional restaurant meal with the family of one of my Chinese students, Dad and I have never ever tried a Chinese takeaway!

We thought that it was really time we did, as so many people seem to love them, and swear by them!

So, I arranged with the mother of one of my Chinese students, Isaac Chung, and who runs Dragon City not too far from where we live, for us to choose something with their help, and then to go over and pick it up.

Well, after a brief consultation during Isaac's piano lesson earlier, we came up with what we fancied, and Isaac's mum, Olivia, kindly phoned it through, and it was there ready and waiting for us to collect when we got there - unfortunately we're just a little too far for them to deliver to our area.

Well, we've just phoned Olivia to say how very much we really enjoyed it all, and how filling it was, but we ate everything, even though Dad hasn't now got the biggest of appetites. We're definitely hooked now, and if you haven't tried it yet, and live anywhere in the Plymouth area, then drive out to Chaddlewood Shopping Centre, Plympton, where you'll find Dragon City! You certainly won't be disappointed!

The contact details and opening times are shown on the picture above.

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