Friday, 22 October 2010

Now this IS unfair!

Every day we're hearing of all the cuts which, whilst necessary after the mess that the previous Labour government left this country in, will surely effect all of us, whether it means losing a job, or in some loss of services.

I have always supported the Conservatives and believe that these cuts, supported by the other party in the coalition government, are necessary to try to put the country's books in order.

But I can't help having sympathy with people who are against them when it appears that, despite the cuts, the government actually plans to INCREASE aid to foreign countries by some £3.7bn! Apparently this could provide some 200 schools in the UK, or pay for some 120,000+ policemen, but instead we're giving it away!

David Cameron's response is that 'we have a moral duty here'. Sod that, I say! First and foremost we have a moral duty to our own people and family - not someone else's! This is certainly not going to win the government any brownie points at all.

But then, it's all part of the culture: I see that a lady (see picture) in Stockport, Cheshire, who runs a sandwich bar with her Turkish husband, has had to make alterations because a neighbour says that the smell of bacon cooking upsets some of their Muslim friends, who no longer visit them - even though the sandwich bar itself often serves other Muslims who don't find any problem with the apparent smell, supposedly offensive because Muslims don't eat pork. The owner will appeal, but, of course, will lose the case.

Before we moved to our present home, we lived up the road from a factory that used to produce Farleys Rusks for babies - the factory is now a Morrisons supermarket.

Every morning we could smell the 'cooking' - in fact it, too, smelt rather like bacon & eggs. We never complained, even though we know it lost us one house sale, and was always a question asked by prospective buyers.

No, I'm afraid until we get our priorities right, we'll never succeed. Once we get a government that's not afraid to do THAT, then we'll really be in business!

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