Monday, 10 January 2011

Caveat emptor! - BT Cordless Phones fail all too easily, it seems!

Let the buyer beware!

I just wanted to share our experience with BT Cordless Phones! I use one in the house, and one in my studio, where the intercom facility is most useful.
The first one I bought was a BT Synergie model - that failed after a year or so. This was then replaced by another BT model, the Studio 1100 - that, too, failed, not long after it was out of warranty.

I know I should have thought twice about replacing this in October 2009 with the new BT 3100 model, but feeling a certain loyalty to BT, I went ahead. That has now failed, too - it's not long out of warranty, but I don't suppose BT will have anything to do with it.

I've since read some reviews, and it seems that people are preferring the models by Siemens etc - which they mention are a 'replacement' for BT ones they'd and, and which had failed.

I did email BT, but am not holding my breath for an answer. I know they're not that expensive, but they still ought to last longer - the original cordless phones did! So, like me, if you're looking for a cordless phone, or pair of them:


SIEMENS, on the other hand, is German, I think! That probably tells you something, even if they're both ultimately put together in the Far East!

STOP PRESS: Having had no joy in trying to get a repair/spare part, I went and bought a Siemens (Gigaset) model - what a difference! Not only cheaper. but with a real quality feel, and more facilities.

And yes, I was right! 'Made in Germany' is there for all to see! Far more comforting than 'Made by BT'. I'm just wondering why I stayed loyal to a seemingly dud product for so long!

EXTRA: I did find an excellent firm, actually also situated in Devon, and they supply spare parts for BT and other products. They sent me a new power adapator, which is what had actually gone wrong, and it was pretty cheap, and quick coming. I'd thoroughly recomend them.

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