Thursday, 10 March 2011

Ant and Dec - One decked, one to go!

There are some things, unfortunately, which, as a member of the general public, you can't really do - even though you'd often like to!

It has always amazed me what people can see in these two people (I can't call them comedians, as Morecambe and Wise would turn in their respective graves!) - I suppose 'presenters' is about all they do. But they're always in your face, always on the box, and as far as I can see, their only 'claim to fame' is their Geordie accents - hardly unique there then, man!

Now The Hairy Bikers, and Alan Shearer, for example, all sport the same dulcet tones - but at least they've got some obvious talents! In the first instance, they're good cooks, and are really funny - in the second, he was a really good footballer.

So when I read that someone had punched the 'Ant' one - I don't know or care which is which above - in a pub - all I could say was, well, it saved me the trouble - or just putting my fist through the TV screen.

Sadly these are just two more cases of genuine non-talent that plague our screens and lives today. Hopefully someone might now follow suit with the other one!

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