Saturday, 15 March 2008

A busy day, and nostalgic trip all in one!

Today was quite a busy day! Firstly dad and I went up to Kingsbridge, which was was mum's home town (about 18 miles south east of Plymouth, on the A379). I was doing some music examining in the Harbour House on the Promenade, so, whilst I did this, dad had a look around the old town, which held many memories for him, as it was here that he met mum, some 64 years ago, when he was stationed in the town in WW2.

After I had finished the examing, it was a quick drive back home, and a change before going to do the usual weekly shopping at Morrison's, and then before teaching two lessons in the afternoon.

Then, this evening, it's once more along to the University of Plymouth Sherwell Centre to review a concert by the Iuventus String Quartet, lead by Ruth Rogers, one of the UK's top young violinists.

Tomorrow it's Bach's St Matthew Passion with the Plymouth Philharmonic Choir - not my most favourite work, I have to say, something of an endurance test, I fear!

P.S. Despite the terribly hard seats and lack of leg-room in Plymouth Guildhall, the Plymouth Phil's performance turned out to be excellent - check out my online review

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