Thursday, 27 March 2008

Philip goes by bus!

This is most uncharacteristic of me, given what I've tended to say about having to go into Plymouth! Not only did dad and I go in there yesterday, so that dad could arrange to get his new Bus Pass, which go nationwide from April, but I went in there again this morning - and by bus! I've even put a shot of the bus above, in case anyone misbelieves this!

I first needed to go to our solicitors, to drop in a document regarding codicils we've added to our respective Wills. I then was able to put in our annual In Memoriam insert for mum, which will appear in April 11's Herald. After that a quick walk through the Drake Circus shopping centre, and a bus home, before lunch with our great friend, Bill Dapling, at the Billacombe Tavern.

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