Wednesday, 26 March 2008

A short Jury Service - this time!

Yesterday I presented myself at the local Crown Courts, to start my second bout of Jury Service - the previous time had been some years before, whilst I was still in full-time school-teaching.

Having made various arrangements to accommodate the suggested two-week run, some 24 jurors assembled, to be split randomly into two potential juries, for each of the two courts in action later.

One group was delayed for various reasons, and quite out of the blue, we, in the other 'team' were told that the case had collapsed, as the defendant had apparently pleaded guilty. We were free to go, and would no longer be needed - so my Jury Service this time lasted just a half-day!

On the way home, I was able to walk through the centre (see above picture), and call in and see Simon Young, proprietor of Vibes Music, and to pick up some music for one of my students.

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