Monday, 14 April 2008

My favourite supermarket!

I know a lot of men hate shopping, and I can see why, if they're having to rush around in a lunch-hour, and then find all the tills full, and they've got only a couple of items!

For a number of years I went to the Sainsbury's at Marsh Mills, Plympton, as I used to like the way it was laid out.

Then, of course, everything changes, and I started to find that all the groceries (which was the reason for me to go shopping!) were hidden behind clothes and all sorts of other junk that I wouldn't choose to buy in a supermarket.

I started shopping at Morrisons, which is only up the road from us, and found that, not only is it cheaper, has more stock, and isn't congested with the sort of junk that Sainsbury's is, but once you get to know various members of staff there, it's a really friendly place to shop, and invariably I'll meet someone I know and have a chat almost each week. People who know me, will know that I do like my little chat!

The meat department there is fabulous, and their fillet steak is by far the best around, and a lot cheaper than it used to be in Sainsbury's!

I'm not so sure about the manager, as once I was talking to a member of staff, who's service is fantastic, and I said this, just as he was passing. When I saw that member of staff the following week, she said that, far from praising her, he seemed quite annoyed that I had given her a compliment. That's probably why a good number of the staff don't seem to have much time for him. Respect, they say, has to be earned - it doesn't come with the job!

The picture shows me loading the car (Dad's, of course!) on a Saturday morning!

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