Tuesday, 22 April 2008

A nice meal out with friends

One of the nice things about going on holiday with a travel company is the people you meet on the trip. Mostly, though, whilst you tend to keep in touch with them occasionally, perhaps the odd Xmas card, geographically they're often too far away for it to go much further.

Dad and I, however, were particularly lucky when we travelled to Sorrento to spend Xmas there in 2006. We went with Titan Travel who pick you up from your door and take you direct to the airport, or overnight hotel. They use Volkswagen 6-seater minibuses usually, which means that there would normally be three couples travelling.

When the minibus arrived here in Plymouth, onboard were Den and Pam Williams, from Lanner, near Truro, and Bill and Lorna Timmins from Frogpool, which is close by. Travelling up to London we made good friends with each other and, because we're not much more than fifty miles apart, have been able to keep in touch regularly, and had our first meal together, some time back at the Halfway House Inn, Twowatersfoot in the Glynn Valley, which is about equidistant between us, and has a large car park off the main road.

We so much enjoyed our first meal, that we arranged a second one last Saturday where we all met up together again! We had a lovely time chatting away, as we seem to have so much in common. Dad is a retired architect, and Den had a building business, whilst Bill is a retired GP, and Lorna a former hospital sister.

It was probably good that we ate there on Saturday, as, sadly we were the only party in the main restaurant, but the food was good.

We're not going to wait quite so long for our next visit, and have planned a Sunday Lunchtime, rather than evening meal, so that we can book for the carvery there. This will be in June, as we all have various short breaks planned over the coming months, and, quite by chance, found out that Bill and Lorna will be in York at exactly the same time as we shall be - that's a real coincidence, and we might even be able to meet up there! The picture shows Lorna and Dad enjoying the conversation!

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