Thursday, 24 April 2008

Some sad news!

Bill Dapling, Dad and I met up as usual for our carvery at the Billacombe Tavern earlier today, only to discover that Darren & Sarah, who had taken over the pub not that long ago, would be leaving this weekend to manage another one in Tamerton Foliot, on the north side of Plymouth.

We were really sorry to hear this, as they had both tried really hard to make something of the pub, even though it's a difficult job.

Fortunately, Liz (see picture), who works in the kitchen, as well as in the bar, will be standing in as temporary manager, until such time as new, permanent ones can be found. Liz always does the carvery, and today's beef was especially good. The only thing is, she's going to have to take a lesson or two from Darren, where Spanish Omelettes are concerned - Darren, of course, learnt his trade in the Steak & Omelette Bar in Plymouth, so will be a hard act to follow, where omelettes are concerned. We all wish them well in their new venture, and will hopefully all still keep in touch! Best wishes to Liz, too, of course!

Post Script (added 23/11/08): The poor old Billacombe Tavern shut again for good, it would seem, a few months ago now, and in the present economic climate, it would seem highly unlikely that anyone would want to take on something that hasn't really flourished for many a year!

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