Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The Lord Nelson Inn at Topsham - our favourite pub!

On Sunday, we went once more to our favourite pub, the Lord Nelson Inn at Topsham, where we had a lovely lunch with cousin Ken. Ken pointed out to the proprietors that they were now getting quite a bit of web exposure, but unfortuantely they don't have a computer, so weren't aware! Of course, we were hoping for a spot of discount, to make up for the ridiculous diesel prices, but this wasn't forthcoming. If you do have a meal or even a drink there, do say that you 'read all about the pub here', so that the message gets home to them!

After lunch we walked through the town and went back to the museum, where Ken was keen to show us some new information about our ancestor's house in the town. Whilst there, we got chatting to one of the volunteer helpers, who, having realised that we were all three Buttalls, asked me if I was 'Philip R?' - apparently he's a big classical music fan, and had read or at least seen my columns in the Herald, or online at What's On South West. It was good to think that my 'fame' had travelled all the way up the A38 as far as Topsham!!

After a great time chatting with Ken, who showed us some of his more interesting vegetables like kale, we set off back to Plymouth, eager for our next visit when cousin Joan and part of her family come down from Brightlingsea in Essex to spend a few days in nearby Exmouth - this will certainly involve at least one more meal at our favourite pub!

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