Thursday, 22 May 2008

Buttall 'mini' reunion - 2008

Following our first Buttall reunion in April 2007, we had a 'mini' one again, last night in the Lord Nelson in Topsham. Dad's cousin, Joan, with her daughter Gill, and son-in-law Brian, were staying for a few days in Exmouth, and yesterday they came down to visit us here in Plymouth. It was a great day chatting over old times, and, of course, meeting Gill and Brian for the first time.
They dropped Joan off at cousin Ken's flat in Topsham, and then we drove up to meet Joan and Ken, and have a meal in the pub as before.

I know I referred to the Lord Nelson as my favourite pub, and we did still have good meal - but both dad and I were very disappointed that there was no scampi left, which we'd planned to have, and even my steak and ale pie was the last portion!

After a good old chat, we dropped Joan off back in Exmouth at her hotel, and then, once we were back in Plymouth, watched the Man United and Chelsea in Moscow, which I'd recorded on Sky+ earlier. It all finished after 2am, and we then went to bed pretty tired!

P.S. Have a closer look at 'Lord Nelson' on the pub sign, Joan!!

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