Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Dragons' Den - or is it?!

Recently I had a spot of bother with my laptop and, whilst searching through Google, as you do, I came across Plymouth PC Repair Centre and thought I'd give them a ring to see if they could sort my laptop out. The service I received from proprietor, Steve Michaels, was second-to-none, and I'm pleased to say that - touch wood - everything's now seems back in working order!

As I'm often asked for names of local piano tuners and other services like PC repairs, I took a few flyers from Steve, who also very kindly supplied a free mug, and these are now down in my teaching studio where, hopefully, students and parents will notice them, if they're on the look out for a PC desktop or laptop repair whilst there for a piano lesson!

One of my students, Georgi, thought the guy on the flyer, about to trash his laptop, was particularly amusing, and Steve confirmed that they had purchased him as a graphic. Steve mentioned that he bears a striking similarity to someone on Dragons' Den - which unfortunately didn't mean anything to me, as I'd never seen it on TV! However, quite by chance a couple of days later, whilst channel hopping, I came across the programme, and can definitely see the likeness!

In the meantime, if you're in the Plymouth area, and are looking for a PC repair, then do give Steve a try - his service even includes the facility to log in and monitor the actual progress of your repair! Their number is (01752) 66 99 30, or mailto:help@plymouthpcrepair.co.uk

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