Sunday, 24 August 2008

The Lord Nelson re-opens, as the Titan 6 meet again!

Had some good news from Cousin Ken in Topsham this morning! In my previous blog I bemoaned the fact that the Lord Nelson in Topsham had shut down. This was a double blow, as not only was it the pub where we liked to go when we met Ken for Sunday lunch, but it was also the scene of a couple of meals when we held the Buttall Reunion in 2007!

Well, Ken has confirmed that the pub is re-opening under new management, and with a new menu, though we hope that they don't change it too much, as we particularly enjoyed it before! Either way, we plan to meet up with Ken next month, and he will, in the meantime, check it out to see if it's not been turned into a Curry house, or something similarly not to our particular tastes!

Today we met our lovely friends, Pam and Den, and Lorna and Bill, whom we first met when we spent Xmas 2006 in Sorrento. They live near Truro so we met up at the Halfway House, Twowatersfoot at usual, and had a lovely carvery. Although we'd booked, when we arrived it seemed as if another party was already going on! In fact it was a birthday bash for a 2-year-old, related, I believe, to the people running the pub. The only downside was that we had to park further away, and brought a bit of mud into the car. Apart from this, it was lovely to meet up again, and we next plan to have a Chinese Meal down in Grampound, near where they all live, and where they regularly eat. Den has nicknamed us the Titan 6 as this was the company we travelled with, and where we all had a terrible journey, no thanks to their driver, from Gatwick!

The picture shows Bill, a retired GP, being served his tea by one of the very friendly waitresses! Lucky old Bill, I'd say!

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