Tuesday, 18 November 2008

'Nelson' is alive and kicking again - in Topsham!

We were delighted to be back in 'our own' pub at Topsham at the weekend! The Lord Nelson Inn had recently shut down, and remained closed for a while, before new management took it over. We went back to the scene of the 2007 Buttall Family reunion, with cousin Ken, and enjoyed a good meal! They have it sensibly priced, where there is a set cost for 1 course, 2 courses, or 3 courses. We all enjoyed a starter and a main course - Dad and I having roast beef, whilst Ken, always the more adventurous, had Cajun chicken.

The food was certainly as good as before, and the new people seemed very friendly. There was a good crowd eating on the Sunday, so it looks hopeful, and we shall definitely be up again to see Ken soon, and enjoy another meal there.

The only slight niggles, and which we pointed out were a) the time we had to spend waiting to order, and b) the fact that there were no condiments other than salt and pepper on the table. They had horseradish sauce and mustard etc, but didn't think to offer it to us. Still, they'll now know, for future reference!

P.S. The picture shows Dad (left) and Ken deciding what to have from the new menu!

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