Friday, 6 February 2009

Time flies - all too quickly!

I can scarcely believe that it's now a year since my Blog first went live! With the very best of intentions, I had hoped to contribute regular news items to it, and certainly every month at least! Sadly, and despite news-worthy things happening in between, I am horrified to see that my last entry was back in November, and it's now February!

Dad and I had a lovely Christmas at our favourite UK hotel, the Monkbar in York. Or at least we should have, had Dad not gone done with a really bad, hacking cough, almost as soon as we arrived there for a six-day break! This was such a shame, as it meant that he was virtually confined to our hotel the whole time and couldn't get out and about and take advantage of the two extra days we had this year over last year's break. I managed to get to Harrogate, and visited the National Rail Museum in York, but Dad didn't venture outside the hotel. Still, we tried to make the best of it and enjoy the festivities as much as possible! Our good friend, and Hotel Director, June Nelsey, and her excellent staff, made us feel totally at home, especially Dad, and I even had my own personal garage space, as this year we drove up and back from Plymouth.

Shortly before Christmas, we were saddened to hear of the passing of June's best friend, girl-Friday, office DOG-body, her beloved black labrador, Bonnie. We had never met Bonnie, but if you visit the hotel's website, you'll see just what a real celebrity she was, and how important she was to the hotel and everyone who worked there.

But, we heard that June had been most fortunate in finding a worthy successor to Bonnie, and we met with Misty on our arrival last December. Misty is also from Labrador Rescue, and is seven and a half - her colouring is different (pictured above in the hotel Courtyard) so whilst Bonnie could never be replaced as such, Misty will be her own person (or dog, ought we to say!) and is already settling in well with the staff, and learning about the many duties she will be required to undertake in helping to run this busy and successful hotel!

We are looking forward to re-visiting the hotel in the summer, so that Dad, God willing, will be able to enjoy the stay that was unfortunately denied him, a while back!

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