Friday, 6 March 2009

Dad and I go to the opera!

It's been another busy week reviewing, with Welsh National Opera's visit to the Theatre Royal, Plymouth!

This time they toured Marriage of Figaro, Salome and The Elixir of Love. The Figaro, whilst a very familiar opera by now, was beautifully sing, and despite the staging shift into the 1930s, was excellent.

I'd never seen Salome before, and what an experience this was! It's one single act, which lasts for about 100 minutes, so you've got to make sure you've paid the necessary visit before curtain-up! This was a superb performance, and I felt one of WNO's best to date.

The Elixir of Love wasn't really as good as Glyndebourne's when they toured it recently. Unfortunately, it needed a better singer in the lead role of Adina.

The picture above shows Dad, who comes with me wnenever possible, sitting on a long radiator - the theatre, rather stupidly, doesn't provide seats adjacent to the foyer, so that people who are waiting for friends to arrive and join them, or waiting on tickets, have somewhere to sit.

Because of a slight mix-up, we didn't get our press seats until almost five minutes before curtain-up, so understandably Dad looked a tad hassled!

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