Thursday, 26 February 2009

Dear little doggie!

Dad and I always enjoy our regular shopping trips to the Willows near Torquay, as the staff in the M&S are always so friendly!

We also have a bit of a ritual, every time we approach Paignton, before turning off onto the Ring Road. We see a couple and their lovely collie dog virtually without fail, waiting at the bus stop, when we pass. Although we don't know them, nor them us, we always wave and they respond. One day we'd love to stop and say hi - we just love how the dog sits there waiting for the bus to arrive!

Yesterday we had to pop into Comet to get something, and the dear little dog (pictured above) was tethered outside, whilst its master was inside the shop. It was such a dear little friendly chap (or lass, of course!).

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