Wednesday, 18 March 2009

So, what's wrong with fast food - occasionally?

Dad and I eat well, I think, and we always combine good, wholesome food, with sandwiches, the fairly regular Chinese takeaway, and sometimes a visit to our local McDonald's, which is conveniently situated a short drive away.

I know my cousin, Wendy, in Australia, absolutely loathes this type of fast food and, indeed, when I was once staying with her for a few days, insisted that the packing tasted better than the contents!

Personally I think you can do a lot worse than McDonald's - and, even though, the tea is simply a tea bag in a cardboard cup, it always tastes good and strong. Furthermore, when we've been abroad, we've always relied on a visit to a local McDonald's, not only because of the tea, but more so because they generally have far cleaner toilets than some other similar establishments!

The picture shows Dad sitting across the table from me, enjoying 'said' cuppa, during a recent visit to our local one!

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