Monday, 23 March 2009

Our new Topsham hostelry!

Dad and I met up with cousin Ken again yesterday, for Sunday lunch in Topsham.

Although we had been to the Lord Nelson on a number of occasions, we weren't so enamoured with the meal we had there, back in November, so decided to make a change yesterday. Of course, being Mothering Sunday, and a lovely sunny day, too, there were lots of people about, and we made sure that Ken had booked in good time!

We had been to the Passage House Inn before, but not for some considerable time. We found it excellent - it's not cheap, but not overly expensive either, and the choice of menu is better, we felt, than the Lord Nelson's. Our reserved table was ready when we arrived just after 1pm, and we very much enjoyed it - true, we had to wait a while, both before making our order, and then in between courses (we could only manage a starter and main course!), but they were busy with a lot of people sitting outside and enjoying the early spring sunshine.

We then had a pleasant walk around the town, before repairing to Ken's for tea and cake, and then back home. Luckily we'd recorded Liverpool's match against Aston Villa on Sky+, so enjoyed watching this afterwards.

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