Monday, 13 April 2009

Excellent service!

Whilst on the subject of dental treatment, Dad and I think ourselves extremely lucky to have the services of Alex Paulsson as our dentist, at Oasis Dental Care, Plymstock.

'Alex', or to give him his full name, Hakan Henry Alexander Paulsson, is actually Swedish, though you'd scarcely notice this, is not only a superb craftsman and technician, but is so willing to explain exactly what he proposes to do, and then keeps you informed at every stage of the proceedings. We look upon him as a friend rather than dentist, though in his treatment and demeanour, he is scrupulously professional. I don't know much about the other dentists in the practice - I can tell you which hygienist to avoid, but that's another story - but I can honestly say that I've felt a thing! Except, of course, when having to pay up, although their prices for treatment seem in line with what you'd expect to pay in Plymouth, and it's a friendly and helpful practice, too!

If you're looking for a 'top' dentist, we can't recommend or praise Alex too highly!

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