Monday, 13 April 2009

A more pleasant Easter Sunday!

Since Mum died on Easter Sunday, back in 2004, this day has never been one that we look forward to any more.

Yesterday, however, we were invited out to Sunday Lunch at the Holiday Inn, Plymouth. When Dad was a practising architect, he did a lot of work for the Wrigleys factory in the city, where he got very friendly with the then factory-manager, Bill Dapling.

Bill, with whom we used to have lunch virtually every Thursday, sadly passed away last June, but Dad still keeps in touch with his widow, Audrey. Dad and Bill also worked with Terry Day, who had his own Heating & Ventilation Company in Sussex, and who was visiting Plymouth for a few days, as he's done. a couple of times before, since he retired.

He invited Dad, Audrey and me to Sunday Lunch, and I must say it was really excellent!

We haven't been to the Holiday Inn for some time, but the food was excellent, as was the service, and the at-table entertainment provided by magician, David Duval, was first-class!

Of course, it was a beautiful sunny day, and the view over the Hoe, from the Penthouse Restaurant, was an added bonus (see above)!

It certainly helped Dad and me to get through what has always been a day we'd both rather forget!

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