Monday, 13 April 2009

Our ideal Chinese menu!

As often as we can, we get a takeaway form Dragon City, (above). and lately we have hit upon what we think is the perfect accompaniment to our two main courses. We initially tried noodles, omelette (Foo Young), then fried rice with crab meat, but have 'returned' to our original flavouring, but now in 'fried rice' format - Singapore Fried Rice.

If you are in the Plymouth (Chaddlewood) area, do give them a try. We've just noticed that the pub at the end of our road, which has been shut for some months, now looks like it's going to open as a Chinese Restaurant! We don't think it'll make a go of it, and, even if it does, we'll prefer to get our meals from Olivia and Larry's takeaway, Dragon City!

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