Thursday, 30 July 2009

Duerr's Marmalade - a really good 'find'!

It's always good to discover something new! One of my more senior piano students is an avid cook, and recently brought us a couple of jars of her home-made Seville Orange Marmalade. We really enjoyed them, and, as she had exhausted her current supply, we wondered what to to do find an 'off-the-shelf' substitute. The usual proprietary brands of 'breakfast marmalade' just didn't seem to match the home-made stuff, and so I decided to have a closer look whilst doing my regular weekly Morrisons shop!

I have to admit that I wasn't familiar with the Duerr brand, and it certainly wasn't the most expensive 'specialty' brand on the shelf, but I brought home a jar of their 'Thick-cut Seville Orange Marmalade' to try. I found it excellent, and certainly not unlike the 'home-made' variety we had wanted to keep with. I found Duerr's on the web, and just wanted to pass on my comments - it's always nice, I think, to praise something good, as in today's world, it seems always to be the opposite!

Thinking no more of this, I was delighted to receive a large envelope in today's post, with a really nice letter from the Wythenshawe-based company, and enclosing their fascinating brochure describing their 125-year history - well, brochure is what they called it, but in its Fourth Edition, and almost 5o pages long, with a wealth of pictures and interesting memorabilia, I'd call it a book!

Dad had his first taste of Duerr's marmalade this morning, and I'm pleased to say that he was equally impressed, too!

It just says something about old-established family firms, who clearly value each customer, rather than some of those other large multi-nationals who couldn't really care less!

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