Thursday, 30 July 2009

Fairway by name - and Fairway by nature!

When I come up from my teaching studio to the house, I always enjoy watching some TV, and the comfort of my electric Woburn Recliner. Even though it soon can lull me to sleep, it's still a great chair, and particularly as my dear Mum bought it for me back at the start of 2004, and she, sadly, passed away only a few months afterwards.
A week or so back, I noticed that it didn't feel quite right when raising the seat, so I popped over the road to the large furniture showroom where it had been bought. They arranged to send someone along to check it out, and, if necessary, replace any parts which had failed.

Dave, their eminently friendly and efficient upholsterer, arrived promptly this morning - and very smartly dressed, too, and soon discovered that the problem was that a nut and bolt had come loose. Fortunately these were found under the chair, and it's all back in working order now! Fairway Furniture is another long-established family business (see previous post) and they were happy to have made the repair as a gesture of goodwill!

What a contrast with some larger multi-nationals again, where there'd be an astronomical call-out charge before anything could be looked at, let alone carried out!

The moral, again, is to support these types of local businesses because, when the chips are down, and you need some service, they will come up trumps - not always the case when getting something seemingly a few quid cheaper on the Internet!

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