Friday, 7 August 2009

Hereford gets it right - and so does 'Target Travel'!

It seems like my Blog could really turn into a diary of good and bad practice, or firms and organisations who are helpful, and do a good job, and those who don't! Here, for example, is some good service I got earlier today!

We are having a few days away at the Starting Gate at Holmer, Hereford. It's a Premier Travel Inn, and somewhere we've stayed before in the past, on twice when Mum was still alive. We'll be driving there, of course, but it's nice to know what the buses are like, should we prefer to pop into town this way, rather than pay to park. I emailed Hereford County Council, where there is a transport section, and within a very short space of time, a most helpful Sharon Moran emailed back, answering all my queries, and attaching all the relevant timetables for buses travelling via Holmer.

I thanked Sharon by return, whereupon I received a further email thanking me for being complimentary.

This is what I call service, and I doubt that I'd have got the same response from my own local council in Plymouth! Also, don't ever bother to complain about First buses, which used to run one of the services we'd occasionally use. Despite there MD saying he's always very interested in feedback, it would appear that this doesn't apply, if it's a complaint. Fortunately Target Travel has taken over the franchise, and the difference is phenomenal - friendly, helpful drivers, who aren't monosyllabic, clean and modern buses which can actually run virtually on time.

But, I mustn't get side-tracked - all credit to Hereford Council, and Ms Moran in particular!

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