Friday, 7 August 2009

But 'Minky Homecare', on the other hand.........!

A long while back you could get little sachets of fragrance which you simply either hung in wardrobes, or put in clothes drawers - the last ones I had were made by Comfort.

I was interested to see whether anyone still made them, and quickly googled to find a firm called Minky, in Rochdale, Lancs. They sold the very thing online, and their website said that 'they were happy to hear from customers', so I followed up their email invite, merely to ask whether their product was available locally, say in Morrisons, Sainsbury's etc, or whether I would need to order online.

My email produced the usual acknowledgement, with a promise to get back. This was in the form of one of those 'ticket' things, where you have a unique log-in number and can monitor the progress of your reply online - that is, of course, assuming you got a response!

I sent the initial email on Monday and, despite my checking, asking for progress updates, etc, am still waiting, and now it's Friday! In fact, I emailed again today, but find I'm in another 'ticket' loop!

I'm pleased to think that the firm, Minky Homecare, is so busy that it hasn't yet had the chance to answer - after all, it has got the 'royal' seal of approval, so I expect the Queen uses them to fragrance her drawers (and wardrobes too!)

But surely this is real overkill! The response to my two questions (Is your product available locally? If so, where?) merely needs to be: 'No / Yes - At these outlets...' - hardly time-consuming!

In the meantime I think I've seen that they can be bought locally at Wilkinsons - and of course more cheaply than online, where P&P is involved!

It'll be interesting to see just how long any response takes! Good job I didn't want to know something complicated, like the times of the buses running past the Starting Gate in Hereford - see next post!

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