Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Gordon Brown's Summer Forecast!

Personally I blame Gordon Brown and his shower for virtually everything that's wrong with (Great?) Britain today, and for making us a real Third World nation where it's often best to pretend you're from somewhere else, when abroad!

But you can't really blame him for the dreadful summer we've had yet again - this, surely, is well beyond his control! He might like to think he is God, but control the weather, I think not!

Of course, cynics amongst us, and me included, still think he's got a hand in it somewhere along the line!

The Meteorological Office, with all its sophisticated computers and technology still can get it wrong week to week, even day to day, so however they can be expected to predict a scorcher of a summer months in advance simply beggars belief!

Now, what Mr Brown would dearly like is for all us hard-off Brits to stay at home this summer and spend our hard-earned pounds in this country, rather than giving it away in bucket loads on the continent, because of the pounds pathetic value against the euro.

So, if he suggests to the government-funded Met Office, that it would be helpful to predict a good summer, so that this encourages us to stay in the UK, it could help the economy out and, once the game's out, and we realise that we've been had, well, they get it wrong most years anyway, so tough luck!

Now if we could just arrange for a bolt of lightning.............................

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