Monday, 18 January 2010

Where has the time gone?

I can't believe that I haven't got around to adding a fresh blog since October!

I suppose I've just been busy, and, of course, there was Christmas in the way, and the bad weather at the start of January.

Dad and I had a lovely time at the Monkbar Hotel in York again, and met some great people from around the country, with whom we plan to keep in touch! Dad will be 90 this April, but hopes to return to York next Xmas, to make it an annual event. We have something in mind for his birthday, but it's all in the planning stage as yet!

Luckily we didn't get too much snow in the south west, and it tended to go the very next day. It didn't have too much effect on students coming for lessons and, I'm afraid, if anyone phoned to say they couldn't make it, I felt that I could stay up in the house and catch up on some TV, rather than going down and warming up my studio.

I must make it a New Year's resolution to add posts to my blog on a more regular basis!

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