Saturday, 24 April 2010

The demise of Plymouth Argyle F.C.

I try to keep it quiet, although I have lived in Plymouth for more years than I can remember, that I am actually a Plymothian!

As a boy I remember going along to Home Park, Plymouth Argyle's ground, and watching them play, at a time when it was fun - and cheaper, and where you could stand right down the front against the railings and cheer the team on!

Nowadays, with so much good football on TV, I prefer to watch all my football here, and, whilst I don't specifically support any particular team, must say I have a preference for Arsenal - much to Dad's annoyance, as he was born and bred in Tottenham - and, of course, Barcelona, and a number of La Liga teams.

Last week, a Plymouth Argyle match was televised on Sky and we watched some of it. Admittedly it was against Newcastle, who were already going back up into the Premiership, but one moment in the match more or less said why Plymouth will, unlike Newcastle, not be going up next season but will, in fact, be relegated.

Most teams worth their salt always put two outfield players on either goalpost when there's a corner. If the goalie comes out to take the cross, and misses it, then these two players protect a fair amount of the otherwise empty goal. That's the principle!

Unfortunately, the guy positioned at the nearside post, as soon as the corner was kicked, decided to go walkabout, and, of course, the ball eventually went right past where he was supposed to be standing!

The coach needs to realise that he has to tell his players exactly what to do - where to go - what to do when they get there - after all, they're only professional footballers, aren't they - admittedly some more than others, it would seem!

PS I can always remember, as a young boy, asking a goalie what ‘F.C.’ actually stood for, in his local football team. I can’t print his answer, of course – but I think it might have been more appropriate for Plymouth Argyle, than ‘Football Club’ on this showing!

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