Monday, 12 April 2010

Too much of a coincidence?

The older I get, the more I am convinced that there is some 'beyond the grave' presence out there.

Since my dear Mum passed away in 2004, there have been a number of 'odd coincidences' - dates, numbers, times, that have cropped up, and which would have had a particular significance.

Today it was really uncanny! It was a lovely sunny afternoon - I wanted to use up the remaining diesel in my tank before part-exchanging my car for a new one shortly. Dad and I decided we'd drive firstly up to Kingsbridge - my Mum's home town in the South Hams, and where she had first met my father during the second World War. It was April 12 - Mum had died on April 11.

We decided to drive up Rack Park Road where she once lived, and parked opposite her old house, was a car with the number plate 'ARB'. Now, Dad's initials are really 'AFB', but he told my Mum he was called Bob - not Bert, as all his army comrades called him - and Bob has stuck to this day - in fact Dad often used 'ARB' as his initials.

Then we drove on to Torcross, and on the return, as we were coming across Bowcombe Bridge (see picture), a car with the number plate 'ATS' passed us at the point almost exactly where Dad used to meet up with Mum, he on his army motor bike. The significance of 'ATS' was that Mum was also later called up into the Auxiliary Territorial Service - or ATS!

Now I can't believe these were just two haphazard coincidences - one might be, but two - and then later we passed a lorry from a firm called Murray Hogg - the name of someone Dad used to work with in the City Architects' Department.

I really think dear Mum was up there watching us drive around, and left us a couple of 'calling cards' to let us know she was there - in spirit!

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