Thursday, 8 April 2010

Ferguson blames the Germans - well he's got to blame someone!

It's been quite a while since I've added anything, I'm afraid!

This week has been especially busy, as I've had two operas from Welsh National Opera to review, three concerts as part of the Essentially English Chamber Music Festival, and London Mozart Players at Dartington on Sunday afternoon.

Each evening, Dad and I have got home, and banged on Sky + to watch some of the European football quarter finals. Messi, of course, was just superb against the Arsenal, who, true to form, took their defeat by a better team firmly on the chin!

Of course, Ferguson had to have a go at the Germans when Bayern Munich beat Man U on away goals, by saying that they crowded around the ref in order to get Rafael sent off after a second bookable offence. Now I'm sure I've seen his players do that once or twice!!

No, despite attempts by Vidic, Rafael, and Evra to foul their way through, Bayern Munich were the better side, and probably Ferguson's feeble attempt at deception by playing the 'injured' Rooney will now backfire on him, and perhaps England's World Cup hopes too!

And if I was interviewing Ferguson, I'd tell him to take that bl**dy chewing gum out of his mouth whilst he's speaking to me. At the best of times it's hard to hear what he's mumbling about!

People don't like poor losers, and perhaps this is why no one really bothers that there are no English teams left in there! I'm backing Barcelona and Messi - at least they get there honestly!

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