Thursday, 13 May 2010

Does anyone recognise these two 'Leamington lovelies'?

Dad and I, and our cousin, Ken, from Topsham, had a lovely weekend away, recently, at the Wroxton House Hotel, near Banbury. The idea was to have a joint celebration of Dad's recent 90th and our cousin's impending 84th birthdays respectively.

On the Sunday we drove first to Stratford, before visiting Leamington Spa. Ken was just about to take a picture of Dad and me outside the Town Hall, when these two young ladies spontaneously joined us in the shot - and then disappeared as smartly as they came, so we couldn't even ask their names!

If anyone sees the picture, and knows who the girls are, please tell them that the picture came out really well - we laughed about it for a good while.

I was thinking of asking the local Leamington paper to run the picture, so that the girls could identify themselves - apparently a lot of young people often 'join in' with various photos, quite off the cuff! They certainly enhanced this picture for us, thanks!

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