Thursday, 3 June 2010

Does Europe really want us aboard?

The Eurovision song contest is obviously treated with greater respect on mainland Europe, where far more is made of it, and some of the acts are better known.

It's always good to watch it for a laugh, just to watch the antics of those taking part, and this year it was nice not to have to put up with Terry Wogan droning on, with Graham Norton doing a good job in his place.
Frankly I didn't think that the UK entry was all that bad, and certainly there were worse ones!

But, true to form, just as Cyprus always votes for Greece, as do most countries who seem to prefer 'political' voting to voting on merit, the UK entry came last - Ireland wasn't much better, and it really does confirm what Europe thinks of us both, and the UK in particular!

Someone writing in one of the daily papers letters' section got it right when she said that 'No one in Europe likes us (UK), except those immigrants who know that coming here is a soft touch, when compared with most other places'.

Of course nearly every song (I use the term loosely!) was actually sung in English, so they don't mind pinching our language either!

For me though, I was delighted to see who won - why, Germany of course! Now they are popular in Europe, and we all know why!

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