Saturday, 19 June 2010


After watching England play (I use the term loosely!) against Algeria, it's clear where their main problem lies.

OK, we know that basically they're just not real footballers - anyone could see that, as the Algerian team - to a man - could control the ball so well, pass to a fellow-Algerian, and look as if they actually wanted to be there. Also some of the Algerian team play in Division 2 and below in various national clubs, even in the FA.

No, all this crap about Fabio ranting on and losing it totally on the touchline is the problem! The players clearly are unhappy - they're playing in an uncomfortable formation, afraid to move an inch, totally inhibited because they know what he'll say - of course, they can't understand him because his English is so poor, and it must be worse when shouting constantly.

None of the players plays even half as well as they might do for their club side - Rooney is the prime example - absolute rubbish, and then he's got the cheek to moan when fans boo him. On the money he gets, and how much it must have cost fans to get to South Africa, they deserve better - for him at least to appear to try!

Andy Townsend came close to saying this about Capello on the commentary. Fabio, you're definitely now 'pasta' your sell-buy-date!

Let's get someone who's at least English!

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