Wednesday, 23 June 2010

England's euphoria!

Amazing - England manage to get one goal against minnows, Slovenia, to allow them to go through to the next round, and everyone's euphoric!

Let's put it into perspective! We couldn't beat the USA, nor Algeria, many of whose players wouldn't be playing even in our lower divisions (although most of them are better than our over-paid players!), and just scrape the one goal today against Slovenia. We actually finished second in the group, under the USA, who, whilst they're a good team, don't come from a country that invented the game, and is supposed to have one of the best leagues in the world.

Let's face it - we were lucky - Slovenia had a lot of chances, and their outstanding goalie nearly stopped Defoe's shot, which was right at him. Let's see how euphoric we are when we perhaps have to play Germany next - after all, and no disrespect to the USA, Algeria or Slovenia, the first team from a REAL footballing nation!

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