Monday, 28 June 2010

Website makeover

For some time I have used the WYSIWYG programme from Pablo Software, to design and make my own website.

To coincide with the new version 7, just released, I have decided to give my website a complete makeover and overhaul.

Whilst keeping the basic design, I have tidied it up a lot, simplified navigation, and removed a lot of the gimmicky things which I had used previously, but which slow things down, and, in the end, hopefully make the website more professional - but without the cost of a web-designer!

It goes live on July 1, 2010 - if you do then have time to visit it, and find any broken links, or other technical problems, please let me know, as feedback is always most appreciated.

You can find my website at

The picture above is a screenshot of the new homepage, in case you're not sure whether you're looking at my previous website, or the newly-updated one!

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