Sunday, 27 June 2010

England's had it!

I don't intend to rub it in, as the media and most of the general public will do that anyway!

Germany played well - yes! But, England were absolutely dire and played worse than they did in any of the other matches in this year's World Cup.
Listening to the soccer pundits, whilst the players have to take the blame, Capello does, too, for is totally inflexible and inept management! They needed a goal, so he brings on Heskey - that's about as likely as bringing on a substitute goalkeeper.

The FA have to get rid of him - of course he's mouthing off about Lampard's disallowed goal being the key to England's dismal failure. Yes, it was a clear goal but even then it wouldn't have made any difference, and this has been the worst defeat for England at any World Cup, so what does that say about that mouthy Italian con man, I wonder!

Germany were simply a class act and deserved to win!

Oh, by the way, who won the latest European Grand Prix in Valencia the same day - Sebastian Vettel... and I won't even bother to tell you which country he's from!

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