Thursday, 15 July 2010

David's not interested!

David Beckham says he is not interested in taking over from Fabio C(r)apello and becoming the new England Head Coach.

Well, that's a relief, I'd say. Beckham is probably basically a nice enough guy, whose heart is in the right place - he was a good footballer, even if he's probably more articulate with his feet than in his speech.

But, like some people before him, he does not realise that a good player makes a good manager, or a good performer makes a good teacher. They are two separate skills, and only a very few can actually do both at the same high level.

Also, to say that the English players were to blame for their disgraceful performance in South Africa is to miss the point. How many times have we seen a team in the doldrums, only to do a complete reversal with a change at the top.

C(r)apello, for all his £6 million fee, lacks the basic art of the teacher, to inspire and to listen. It doesn't matter that much as to how to inspire either. I have no time for Sir Alex, but clearly his 'inspiring' is down to pure fear, and we've all been there at school - or we used to! At my old grammar school, we had a Classics teacher whom everyone was afraid of - yet his results were fantastic and second to none - and I can still remember my declensions and conjugations to this day. Of course, he didn't 'inspire' me to study Classics, or have any interest in Latin Civilization, but he certainly knew how to get us to 'win'!

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