Monday, 12 July 2010

¡Y viva España!

Well, it's all over now, for another four years!

We were delighted to see Spain beat Holland last night - even del Bosque managed to smile when victory finally came!

It wasn't a particularly inspiring final, and having our own 'great' Howard Webb as the ref was a big mistake. Once again he appeared to lose it, and his 14 yellow cards still didn't stop it finishing up as a game of pettiness and 'handbags at 10 paces'!

But we loved to see the Dutch go out - they play dirty and a number of their players should have been sent off well before Heitinga eventually was. Yes, they can play nice football - Robben et al - but a lot of what they did last night, and especially on this ultimate world stage, ought to have got them charged with bringing the game into disrepute!

Still, for once, cheats didn't prosper, and Iniesta scored a great goal, so typical of him, and the way Spain continued to play, despite the attempts of van Bommel and De Jong merely to hack them down.

Holland have never won it, and I'm so glad they didn't this time. Dad, who drove a Churchill tank in WW2, commented that, it was strange that the Dutch were never as aggressive then, when the Germans decided to walk into their country, and needed us to help them out - hints of the French there, too, I'd say!

Perhaps they should both stick to making cheese!

But if you don't believe me, then just take a look here!

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