Friday, 9 July 2010

ENGLAND - yet another 'softa' touch!

Didn't we do well in the World Cup..............NOT!

I just saw in today's paper a list of how much the various international managers earned for their stint in South Africa and....... guess what, who earned the most, and nearly by some £4 million pounds?

You've guessed it - the not so bloody 'fabulous' Capello, who picked up £6 million for his and England's achievement - well, we did come second in a group that contained such strong footballing nations as the USA, Algeria and Slovenia, after all!

Maradonna picked up something in the region of £790K, the German manager almost £2 million, and even the Spanish guy (who has never yet smiled!) picked up considerably less than

C(r)apello, and they're in the final.

Of course, England is awash with money for sport etc, what with the 2012 Olympics, and I see that we'll be picking up the tab for the Pope's visit - Catholic or not!

But then that's why we're the best-loved nation in the world - we're bankrupt, but what we don't have, we willingly give away to any and every bloody foreigner!

Sorry if I seem a little bitter today!

Yours 'not proud to be British'!

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