Thursday, 12 August 2010

Po-faced Capello clearly not impressed!

I'm not the greatest fan of Steven Gerrard, but without his contribution in last night's friendly international against Hungary, not only would England have lost against supposedly far inferior opposition, but Fabello's job would surely have been even more untenable.

Now, if I was sitting there, earning £6 million, and the highest-paid international team coach in the world, I think I would have shown some emotion when Gerrard scored - particularly his second goal, which showed as much skill as you'd ever hope to see on a football pitch. True his first goal, a typical power shot was top-drawer, but not something unusual from the Liverpool skipper, but the second....... well, surely Capello's complete lack of emotion or appreciation could not have registered here, that it was something special! Without it, C(r)apello would be probably jobless - although he would get such a massive payment if he went, that it doesn't actually matter to him if England loses or wins - and particularly because he's not even English!

Come on, Capello - if the only thing you can do is rant and rave when things go wrong, but do nothing when they go well, you haven't learnt a thing about motivation or elementary psychology!

And this, more than whether it's a 4-4-2, 3-3-4, or just a plain '69', is really the reason why, under this piece of inert Italian marble (though not as attractive!) England will never do any better!

PS Glad to see that Rooney was taken off - perhaps he needed to relieve himself in the penalty area, but thought that, with some 70,000+ fans watching, even he didn't have the cheek to do that!

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