Sunday, 29 August 2010

Topsham's 'Lord' Nelson it ain't!

In my previous post, after a disappointing meal at the Passage House Inn, Topsham, I decided to investigate the new Lord Nelson, which has completely re-branded as The Nelson.

They have a website, which I visited, and thought this looked impressive. There was a facility to download their menu, which again looked quite nice, even if, we thought, rather on the expensive side, and especially for its location which is just starting to leave Topsham, and not necessarily within the visitor's 'walk about' area. A 10oz Ribeye Steak at almost £17 is dear, for this part of the country - I'd just bought 4 large, thick fillet steaks from our local Morrisons yesterday - £15.05 the four! Need I say more!

Because it wasn't overly clear what they serve on a Sunday, apart from the ubiquitous roast, I emailed them via their contact form to ask exactly what is available, as Sundays is our best day to visit.

To date I have had NO response, which doesn't look good. Hopefully they've been SO busy that they haven't had time to reply - or, like so many places today, can't be bothered!

Well, all I can say is, I am already NOT impressed with The Nelson, Topsham - and that's before we've even set foot in the door!

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