Friday, 3 December 2010

So England didn't get the bid - so what!

If anyone was naive enough to think that England would get the FIFA 2018 World Cup, then they know more about football than they do about politics and the world as a whole.

It didn't matter whether we'd sent the queen herself (and why should we have to use the royal family anyway, simply because we've still got one - Russia didn't, and they got the bid!). David Beckham probably means well, and is an honest EastEnd lad, but in terms of negotiating skills at the highest level, 'you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know,' he hasn't got much going for him - and certainly no more than a former runner, now turned 'Lord'.

No, money and power is what it's all about, and everyone else knows that England hasn't got either anymore!

Anyway, we've still got the 2012 Olympics to help bankrupt the country, so why should we worry about the World Cup, too!

Here in Plymouth, they were talking about being able to extend the local football stadium if the bid had been successful. God, the way Plymouth Argyle is going, all that would mean is that even fewer supporters would have even more room to spread out in a larger venue - and when they haven't even been able to pay the players recently, well.....!

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