Sunday, 26 December 2010

The Queen's Speech 2010

I have to admit that I'm not the greatest royalist around, and usually don't make a point of watching the queen's Xmas speech.

I watched it this year, however, and really wondered whether we're in the same country! I know she doesn't want to go on about the economic gloom and doom in the country - we all know about that! - or the bad weather that we've still got, which has caused major disruptions for almost everyone.

But to start off with a history lesson about the St James' bible, and then follow this with a hymn of praise to all that's great about sport, seemed particularly insensitive, and certainly a large number of so-called sportsmen and women hardly set a good example to the youth of today.

Of course everything has to be so PC nowadays - the selection of youngsters from the London primary school who did a reading, and the chapel choir all made sure that this particular aspect of today's England was well and truly reinforced. If there was no queen, we'd have an elected president, which could be even worse, I suppose, but I just wish the message was so much more pertinent to the average person in this, and therefore, the queen's land.

On a tangent, I heard on today's news that some £13 million has been withdrawn from a scheme to supply deprived youngsters with free books - something which caused a vitriolic response from Sir Andrew Motion and others.*

But, because the fund set up to help countries hit by natural disasters (following the Tsunami incident) is 'running low' the British government can fork out £40 million to prop it up. What about the natural disaster of this year's appalling weather - the worst December on records since1890! Ah, but that's in this country, and we can't be seen to pander to the saying, 'CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME!' - now can we! Just how uncharitable is that, as seen by the other countries in the world who frankly don't give a stuff about Great, or should we more accurately say, 'Lesser' Britain!

* I think I heard later that the governement had rethought the 'book issue' and, has given in under pressure - something it now seems quite well-known! Now that does inspire you with real confidence, doesn't it!

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