Friday, 7 January 2011

It's more a question of charisma, than tactics!

In yesterday's paper, there was a composite shot of four Premiership managers under severe pressure to quit after a string of poor results and performances. In fact, today we hear that one is alread going, going...gone!

If you looked at the four managers - a Frenchman, an Italian, an Israeli and Roy Hodgson - the first one to go - they all have something very much in common.

They have little or no 'charysma' - you can see that from their expressions - yes, I know they would be looking less than happy right now, but even when you look at them during a match, there is really little coming from them, apart from the odd shout / strange hand gesture.

If a team of players isn't inspired to play - they don't, but it's the manager who cops it, not the players. As any kind of teacher knows, you can't physically make people do something - well, I suppose you could, upon threat of death, or loss of wages for a couple of years, in the case of the UK's overpaid footballers!

A few other candidates for a 'lack of charisma' award might be: Mark Hughes, Roberto Mancini, Roberto di Mateo - and the future of none of these is guaranteed.

On the other hand, Sir Alec, Harry Redknapp, Mick McCarthy, Arsene Wenger, to name but a few, exude this in abundance - you might love or loathe them - that's the point - with people like Roy Hodgson and Carlo Ancelotti, they inspire you to do neither.

This, of course, is why great players don't necessarily make good managers, and why some of the best managers in the world today were not that high-flying as players.

It's far more than simply just having the right credentials, coaching badges, tactical knowledge - that's important, of course but, rather like respect, it doesn't come with the job description - it has to be earned!

The four managers were obviously 'nice blokes' - but unfortunately that isn't what it's all about!

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